DiAna's Hair Ego REMIX

30 years after Ellen Spiro made “DiAna’s Hair Ego: AIDS Info Up Front,” the AIDS crisis is still raging in the deep south where the film was shot.  Director Cheryl Dunye, after reading about the new AIDS crisis in the South, visits DiAna and Bambi in the hair salon where they first began their innovative safe sex education work.

DiAna’s Hair Ego REMIX is the beginning of a new story and new hope in the face of an ongoing tragedy.

Bambi Gaddist and DiAna DiAna

Bambi Gaddist and DiAna DiAna

Directed by Ellen Spiro and Cheryl Dunye
Produced by Alexandra Juhasz, Ellen Spiro, Jennifer Steinman
Shot by Ellen Spiro
Edited by Jennifer Steinman
Story Editor:  Alexandra Juhasz


DiAna DiAna
Ernest Brown
Cheryl Dunye
Dr. Bambi Gaddist
Bailey Goff
Greg Green
Stacy Jennings
Claretha Johnson




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